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Preemptive Action: a Unique Philosophy at Career Mobility Group

We provide our clients with a fully integrated set of tools and techniques, beginning with proven resume designs supplemented with proven strategies to engage and convince those who have the authority to hire for the most desirable and well paying career positions.

  • Proven resume designs to match the attributes and requirements of the desired position(s).

  • Interview Preparation and Negotiation Assistance on specific individual opportunities is available and often critical for those exceptionally important situations.

  • Real Time Salary and Benefit Negotiation Methodologies, Tactics, and Training.

  • Career Counseling/Coaching.  Identification of new and different career alternatives.

Resume Update and Reconfiguration

This option is the quickest and most economical. Professional interview and review of an existing resume including reconfiguration and often rewording into a winning format.  

   Professional Resume Redesign

The Resume Redesign option consists of five parts:​

New Resume Review:  The completed resume is jointly reviewed and further edited as needed.  The final resume is provided in Microsoft Word or other format as mutually agreed upon.


New Resume Draft Preparation: A new resume draft is generated using the unique methodologies employed by the Career Mobility Group.


Narrative Theme Development:  The development of a career or life narrative (theme), to be used as the basis for a redesigned resume, bringing the clients, education, experience, and personal strengths together into a unified comprehensive story.


Detail Review, Interview, and Analysis:  A detailed review and analysis of the client's existing resume, combined with an in-depth personal interview is conducted.  In-depth interviewing frequently uncovers valuable skills and experience not always readily discernible to our clients.  A complete inventory of pertinent skills and desirable attributes is compiled.​


Final Edited Resume Issued:  The Basic Resume Package provides the necessary framework and solid foundation to interview with quality employers paying the highest wages.


Professional Interview Preparation

Critical to the success of any employment interview is anticipation and preparation for the interview techniques and processes used by today's employers.  Career Mobility Interview Preparation provides insight and training on answering tough interview questions and presenting the image and style employers want to hire.  Career Mobility Group's interview preparation is custom to each person's unique experience, education, and personality.  Particular attention and time is devoted to handling salary and benefit negotiations.  Typical preparation involves an hour of "one on one" instruction, custom configured and designed for each person.

Real-time Preparation and Negotiating Services

(billable in quarter-hour increments)

The Career Mobility Group offers Real Time Interviewing and Negotiating Services to its clients.  This service can be activated prior to any particular interview - it is very useful for those career opportunities which are particularly large, high risk, or have other complications.  Negotiating salary, benefits and reporting relationships is a standard part of the real time service.

(billable in quarter-hour increments)

Career Counseling and Coaching 

Modern career situations often involve complicated dilemmas, entangled with family and other personal issues. Often, critical tradeoffs, impacting one’s future career path and family welfare are on the table. Who could one speak with, who understands, and has seen such problems hundreds of times before?  Perhaps an old and wise career mentor could be consulted, one who could identify viable options that are in plain sight, yet somehow remain hidden; shrouded in uncertainty and anxiety. Such mentors are rare indeed.  Frequently one simply needs a reality check, to verify if one is seeing or perceiving the situation correctly.  Not “seeing the forest because of the trees” is a common problem.  How can one act with confidence or have the courage to act when excessive uncertainty blocks the way forward?  Here is where CMG can provide invaluable, timely assistance in navigating treacherous waters.  Such experience-based counseling and coaching is part of the unique capabilities and services provided by CMG to its clients, at reasonable prices and easy availability.  Office and/or phone consulting available.

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